Online Mastering

How it Works:

  1. Contact – Please phone or email us with your requests, especially if the project is going to vinyl or if you require any additional services. Please include any information you think might be relevant about the track(s) to be mastered along with any gap preferences and/or deadlines.
  1. Upload – With your file(s) in the correct format* please use our Upload Page.
  1. Payment – Like all studios offering online services, we operate a ‘payment first’ policy. When the project and price has been agreed we will accept payment via bank transfer or we accept all major credit and debit cards via Paypal or iZettle (2.75% iZettle fee applies).
  1. Delivery – When happy, the final master(s) will be available as a download in WAV/AIFF format or as a DDP. Alternatively, we can supply the DDP on a high quality CD or PMCD with PQ sheet in red-book format, ready for replication.

*Preferred File Formats – All WAVs or AIFFs should be exported at the same sample rate and bit depth as your session. Please remove any limiters, or mastering plugins on the master bus as it will limit what we can do. A maximum peak volume of -6db (to -3db MAX) with no clipping is required.

Due to the inferior quality and compression involved in mp3/m4a files, we do not recommend using them for mastering. If you can only supply the audio in another format, please notify us before sending.