Analogue mastering means your tunes (which may have lived their entire digital lives within your computer) will be played through a selection of classic, industry-standard and dedicated mastering outboard equipment – breathing real-world life into those ones and zeros of digital data.

Mastering is the final process (between mixing and replication) that allows you to fix problems and/or enhance the audio in order that your music sounds comparable to commercial music.

Serives such as Landr use artificial intelligence to try to optimise your music, which is fine if you’re on a budget but just like your music is a creative process with decisions made by you on what sounds good or not, so too is mastering. Your mastering engineer will have years of dedicated experience and a bunch of mastering-specific digital and analogue tools with which to make those creative judgements and (as yet) there is no match for the subtlety of human creative input.

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